RWAus 2013 Conference – Riding the Waves

This weekend is the RWAus 2013 Writers Conference and I’m off on my merry way flying across my wonderful country to Fremantle WA on Friday.

And its going to be a blast. Its jammed packed with informative workshops and fantastic guest speakers, some from the US. We have Julia Quinn, Kim Hudson, Nina Bruhns, Sarah Wendell, Laura Bradford and Abby Zidle, not to mention our fabulous guest speakers who are members of the RWAus.

Looking forward to catching up with the publishers, Escape Publishing and Momentum Books but even more, rubbing shoulders with writers of whom I am in awe! I hope also to catch up and chat with writing mates I haven’t seen since last year.

This is a big first for me, for I’m attending my first author signing (as a newly published author) run by the ARRA. (note the bold font :))

I hope to see you there. Safe journey to all.

Official hashtag apparently is : #RWAus13.
Plus there is an official facebook page to like:

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