Who are you Keith Donnelli? (from Alexa Bravo’s In Bed with the Boss)

Today I’m interviewing, Keith Donnelli, from Alexa Bravo new release, In Bed with the Boss.

Who are you? Keith Donnelli, CEO of Donnelli-Smith & Associates.

In bed with the bossWhat is your problem in the story? Trish Carter is my problem.  She’s somehow bewitched me into behaviour that’s downright risky and more reminiscent of a randy teen than a seasoned CEO.  How did she do that? It would be embarrassing if I could stop obsessing about her long enough to think, but who the hell can think when temptation is always so close? I hate to admit it but I’m finding it way harder than it should be to keep my hands off her.  I have to come up with a plan to do just that, though, since saving my company depends on it.

Do you embrace conflict? I think Trish and I are going to clash in more ways than one.  She is not going to like knowing that we have to spend two weeks together, flying cross-country in the private jet, sharing hotels and meals and…late night dinners.  All for the clients, of course, but if she thinks I’m going to let her flirt with other men when she’s…..ok, she’s not mine, exactly, but she’s not going to be anyone else’s on my watch.

How do your friends see you? I think my best friend and business partner Brendan is worried about me.  He’s noticed my distraction, asked me about whether there’s a new woman in my life.  How can I confess that I’ve compromised the company’s one chance to pull out of the mire it’s in?  And worse, that given half the chance, I’d compromise her all over again?

Do you have a goal? My goal is to get through the two-week national business tour to promote Trish’s business model without risking Trish’s reputation.  Which means I need to keep my hands off her.  Which means I need…..a lot of cold showers.

What are your achievements? Well, I’ve run a successful business for years, that is until I had to take some time off after a disastrous romance that ended up with me in hospital fighting for my life.  The timing couldn’t have been worse with the Global Financial Crisis putting my business on the brink of collapse while I was still recovering.  Now that I’m back at the helm I plan to do whatever it takes to get business confidence back up and keep the company afloat.  And if that means ignoring my attraction to the most stunning, stubborn, beautiful, infuriating woman I’ve ever met, then so be it.

Do you have any special weaknesses?Would it sound too obsessive to say that one lushly curvaceous brunette who looks stunning in her conservative business suits is my main weakness at the moment? Not that I’ll succumb again, mind you, I’ve been working on my resistance…..oh, and those cold showers help…..for about five minutes.

What do you want? I want my business to succeed and my employees to feel that their jobs are safe.  I want my best friend and partner, Brendan, to stop looking so tired and worried.  And I want…..damn it I want Trish Carter, the one person who can make it all happen so long as I keep my hands off her.

What do you believe? I believe that Trish Carter can save my business.  I believe the program she pioneered, if adopted nationally, will lead to increased sales and save hundreds of jobs.  I believe that if the state managers who have to be convinced to adopt this new program suspect that there is anything going on between Trish and I that is not strictly business, they’ll dismiss everything she has to say out of hand and the chance to save my company will be lost.  I believe the only way to avoid that eventuality is to keep well clear of the temptation that Trish represents.  And I believe that keeping to that aim is the hardest thing I’ll ever attempt.

What are you afraid of? I’m afraid that if I can’t control my feelings for Trish I’ll let down my best friend as well as my employees.  But I’m even more afraid of the possibility that if it comes down to a choice between my business and Trish, my choice may have the same result.

What, if anything, haunts you? My past haunts me.  My memories of a past relationship cloud the feelings I’m developing for Trish even as I try to fight them.  The circumstances around my accident are known only to my doctor and my best friend but the pain of loss doesn’t ever go away.  What if I’m destined to live it all over again? Only this time, with a woman I really care about?

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Escape Publishing (Harlequin AU)

Blurb: In Bed with the Boss

A high-flying corporate romance that’s sure to add ‘elevator’ to your list of erotic destinations!

Trish Carter is chasing the career opportunity of a lifetime, and nothing is going to stand in her way.  After a failed marriage and years of self-doubt, she needs her business proposal to succeed, and there’s only one hurdle left: presenting to the Board of Directors and charismatic CEO, Keith Donnelli.  So it can only be the stress and extreme tension that leads her to jump the hot stranger in the elevator.

But the unexpectedly explosive encounter puts all her plans in jeopardy, when the stranger isn’t a stranger at all.  Now, her whole future rides on how well she can resist the temptation of sleeping with her boss.   Will Trish finally have the chance to make her secret dreams come true or will following her heart destroy her chance at a future?

About the Author:

Alexa BravoAlexa Bravo “self-published” her first manuscript at age 12, when she typed a one-page romance story in the seventh grade and gave it to the girl sitting next to her in class to read.  Before she knew it the story had been passed along from classmate to classmate and Alexa was getting requests for more stories and taking reservations for those already in circulation.  Alexa has always been passionate about reading as well as writing and despite her “real job” managing a business, she enjoys as many romance novels as she can fit into her e-reader and also works on her own romantic stories.  Alexa is currently completing Brendan’s story based on a secondary character from In Bed With The Boss, and she also has several works in progress covering other genres, including historical romance.  Alexa lives in Sydney, Australia with her three beautiful girls and her very indulgent husband.

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