Bindarra Creek Romance: Buckley’s Chance by Noelle Clark

The thirteenth (and for the moment, final) stand-a-lone rural romance in our group venture, The Bindarra Creek Romance series, Buckley’s Chance by Noelle Clark is out for pre-order now. It is due for publication on 29th July 2016.

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Buckley’s Chance © Noelle Clark

Chances were he’d never find a real gem…until he learned how to dig deeper.

Dave Buckley is heading off on a road trip to nowhere, licking his wounds and trying to rebuild his life.

Charlie Moore is stuck in a dead end job, but toughs it out because she knows how much she is needed.

Dave and Charlie are both coming to terms with loss and sadness.

In the little town of Bindarra Creek, their lives crash into each other, and they find in their fledgling friendship a rapport, a warmth that they both desperately seek.

This is the tale of two young people alone in the world. The chances of them meeting would have been non-existent if it hadn’t been for one thing. Is Charlie’s friend Cecil watching over her, guiding her life, steering her towards happiness? If that’s so, Cecil has his work cut out for him, because both Charlie and Dave are stubborn and neither are ready for the complications that surround them.

There are only two chances Dave and Charlie will solve the riddle of Cecil Crawford’s secret and end up finding riches beyond their dreams—Buckley’s and none.

Pre-order now from Amazon.

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