New Release : Scent of the Jaguar

I’m very excited to announce my latest book, Scent of the Jaguar, will be released 25 January 2018. This story is an action-packed, adventure filled with romance and suspense and is a survival story set in the Amazon jungle. Isn’t the cover gorgeous?



BLURB: Scent of the Jaguar © S. E. Gilchrist 2018

When a plane crash-lands in a remote area of the Amazon, a female archaeologist joins forces with a man she suspects is an artefact smuggler in order to survive.

On route to her new dig, Bernadette Ashford’s dream job morphs into a nightmare after a message warns her life is in danger. A last-minute decision catapults her onto the ill-fated plane and separates her from her beloved sister. Zane MacIntosh is on a mission – expose a major drug cartel and identify the man who murdered his mother. He’ll allow nothing and no-one to divert him from his goal.

Lost in the jungle together, they and other passengers are being hunted by ruthless mercenaries who have no intention of allowing anyone to escape.

In their desperate struggle to live, a new-found love blooms and a deadly secret is unearthed. But with a killer in their midst, will their love survive the heavy cost of freedom?

Scent of the Jaguar is available for pre-order now from Amazon.

Some Amazon links are here: Amazon AU; Amazon US; Amazon UK; Amazon CA.  Later on, my book will be available in other e-tailor stores and I’ll post advice as soon as these are activated.

I’ll also have Scent of the Jaguar available soon as a paperback from Createspace. After which, Australian / New Zealand readers will be able to obtain a signed copy from me direct by contacting me via email.

Scent of the Jaguar is book 2 in the Deadly Forces series, a joint writing venture I have going with romantic suspense writer, Erin Moira O’Hara. Her book, Beat of the Jungle, was released 11 December 2017.

BeatofTheJungleFinal-FJM_High_Res_1800x2700Don’t they look lovely together? Both Erin and I are very pleased with the covers provided by Fiona Jayde Media and believe they capture the key elements of our stories.

It took us a while to finally decide on the name for our series, Deadly Forces. Books 1 and 2 are centred upon two separate groups of survivors of a plane crash, however we didn’t want any following stories to be based upon the same premise – hence a series name that could cover a broader story range.

If you love romance mixed with suspense, action and adventure, then please check out our series.



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